L.E. Blaschke
About Me Portfolio


Operating Systems:

  • Windows OS
  • MAC OS


  • Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • PhotoShop
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • iLife
  • QuickTimePro

Content Management:

  • Interwoven/TeamSite
  • Documentum
  • WebTrends
  • Product Management

Knowledge of:

  • Flash MX
  • CSS
  • Information Architecture
  • JavaScript
  • FrontPage
  • XML


Interactive Operations Manager with more than ten years experience creating and managing site content. Assistive Technology Specialist identifying and utilizing a range of technologies to improve access to curriculum and media by special needs individuals. Advocate of universal design, and knowledgeable of the laws and design rules governing Web accessibility.

  • Detail oriented, multi-tasked, and possess creative problem solving, analytical and decision making skills.
  • Excel at formulating solutions to bridge the gap between business goals and user requirements.
  • Use business and technical expertise to define and document business requirements and procedures.

Attention to detail, a quick study, deep understanding of the content process and tool interaction, and ability to negotiate the sometimes competing interests of various Web site teams are my strengths. As a top performer, I accomplished multiple priorities while meeting my project deliverables.

My goal is to creatively combine the knowledge acquired working within the corporate environment with my Assistive Technology/Web Accessibility Specialist training. I seek professional growth in a position that allows full use and continued development of my skills.

Expertise in:

  • HTML (Dreamweaver, Hand-Coding)
  • Web Site Management (Content, Production)
  • Web Graphics (PhotoShop)

  • Assistive Technology (Low- and High-Tech Solutions)
  • Content Management Systems (Interwoven/Documentum)
  • Team Facilitation and Management